ERN is a Latin-American company founded in Mexico, focused on natural and anthropogenic risk assessment and providing world
class services and products. ERN develops tools and knowledge, and integrates them into a cutting edge technology for the benefit
of each one of our customers. ERN leadership is based on its staff: high specialized and qualified employees who are truly
committed with the culture of prevention, environmental preservation and sustainable development.

-We offer valuable services to our customers.
-We are fully committed with the environmental preservation and sustainable develpment.
-We develop reliable world class products.
-We are leaders in risk assessment.

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We offer powerful services and products, configured for an accessible interaction, which provides reliable criteria and information in order to take the right decision when managing risks.

Expert Systems

Digital solutions for estimate losses in buildings and infrastructure when natural events occur.
- RH-MEX system, for hydro-meteorological hazards in Mexico
- Experts RS system, for earthquake hazards in Mexico and Latin-America.
- SERN system, for the natural hazards qualitative assessment.
- Reinsurance system, for earthquake and hydro-meteorological hazards in Mexico.

Insurance Sector support Servicie

Information, support and training for taking technical and financial sound decisions. - Experts systems and use of the information criteria training.
- Online technical support.
- Informative bulletin about relevant events.
- Portfolios assessment.
- In-site inspections and buildings risk reports.

Risk GIS Atlas

GIS maps of hazards and risks. Strategically essential for local and federal governments in the urban plannign, migration projects, contingency plans and civil defense actions.

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Services including updated systems for natural phenomena hazard assessment and constructions vulnerability.

Earthquake Hazard Studies

The structural designer may guarantee to the owner or investor the structure reliability during its lifetime with a higher certainty and, in many cases, with a lower cost.
- Site response spectra
- Site accelerograms
- Seismic monitoring
- Seismic instrumentation

Hydro-meteorological Hazards Studies

Elaborated for taking measures to reduce vulnerability in constructions and tu adequately design in order to mitigate and avoid damages. In existing constructions, the outcomes grant the establishment of mitigation strategies and the development of contingency plans.
- Wind power
- Storm surge
- Flood
- Hail

Structural Studies

This studies provides potimization of where to place equipment. They solve excessive vibration mitigation or structural flexibility problems. Whith these studies, a structure designer may gauge its structural models and get to know dynamical properties of a structure.
- Vibrations
- Structure dynamical properties
- Structural inspection

Geophysical Studies

With the soil stratigraphy description and its geomechanical properties, these projects establish the seismic intensity that might be applied to structure, which turned out to be an invaluable data when preserving assets (real and personal property) and user's safety.

Risk Reduction Consulting

Real estate investors and project designers are aware of the various types of hazards that could affect the project. This consulting allows them to take the proper and safer decision about the adequate design and location of its structures.

If you need additional information, contact us at:
Tel: (52 55) 5616-8161, 62, 64